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College in: Unknown

This weeks submission: Ice Ice Ladies

When I think of pajama parties, I remember all the wild high school parties I went to, dressed in silk Hugh Hefner robes, getting a boner every time a cute girl in a negligee passed me. Good times. Well, that was silly fun n games compared to the pajama party thrown by these freaks from this college. It all starts in true college fashion. hardcore pre gaming in the dorms, with an ice luge, before going to an endless rager. Ridiculous. And when they hit the PJ party, oh man...more booze, more partying and a metric ton of hot babes in sexy nightwear that leaves little to the imagination. And lucky for everyone there, anything you could ever imagine is going down in front of your face. This is one of those parties that doesnt stop until every fucking body has been fucked. And whats the only thing better than getting yours at a sexed up pajama party. Getting Ten Ks to split afterward. Congrats, kids.


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(BTW, If you don't have a boner by now, U R Gay)


College In: Unknown

When I think of pajama parties, I remember all the wild high school parties I went to, dressed in silk Hugh Hefner robes, getting a boner every time a cute girl in a negligee passed me. Good times. Well, that was silly fun n games compared to the pajama party thrown by these freaks from this college. It all starts in true college fashion. hardcore pre gaming in the dorms, with an ice luge, before going to an endless rager. Ridiculous. And when they hit the PJ party, oh man...more booze, more partying and a metric ton of hot babes in sexy nightwear that leaves li...


College In: Unknown

Anal is the final frontier. To boldly go where few seldom travel--thats what this Dare Dorm submission is all about. When a smoking hot babe and her buff boyfriend get word that anal hasnt been done on Dare Dorm, the adventurous couple decide to show viewers a thing or do about a girl getting it up the ass...Anal 101 if you will. Doing everything in their power to win the 10k prize, these two put in some serious work for the camera. To heat things up, the gorgeous girl gives her man a slow and sensual strip tease before going down to her knees to please, giving ...


College In: Georgia

On our latest daredorm we encounter some daring coeds who wanna play some pranks on the boys. While their male counterparts hit the showers, these mischievious lil ladies sneak into the guys dormroom and start using their video camera.The girls record themselves making fun of all the items in the boys room, and then to take it up a notch the girls grab a fire extiguisher from the hall and barge into the guys bathroom. One of the guys is in the shower during the attack and he is hit with a cold blast from the fire exstiguisher. The boys chase the girls back to th...


College In: Indiana

In this super hot submission to Dare Dorm, a kinky college babe wants to give her boyfriend a very special gift for Valentines Day, and sexy lingerie isnt going to cut it. Nope, not this time. This amazing girl knows that her man loves surprises, she also knows that her sexy best friend is totally ok with having a threesome. So if you are a guy on Valentines Day, whats a better surprise than getting blindfolded, led into a dorm room and getting fucked by your woman and her smoking hot best friend at the same time. Threesomes dont come often in long term relationsh...


College In: Colorado

Colorado is home to rocky mountains and thrill seekers, great beer and go for broke party schools. It was only a matter of time before a Colorado college submitted a tape to us. Now that we have got one in our hands, let me tell you what you already know. Beer pong is a great game for drunken debauchery. The night starts off like most, with beers and a casual game of beer pong going on. As always, inviting a pair of smoking hot girls over to play is a good idea. Even better than that idea is getting them to play strip beer pong. And of course, they go for it...you...


College In: Ohio

When you are bored at a college in the midwest with nothing to do, whats better than rallying together a crew of girls to get wasted and play sexy card games. Not much, and lucky for you, thats exactly what happens in this Dare Dorm submission. A few students find themselves drinking in the dorms, as usual, ready to let loose and make the night more interesting. Lucky for them, several college cuties from down the hall come over to play a card game where players win by coming up with the dirtiest answers to kinky questions. As the questions get raunchier, the acti...


College In: California

You know how they say, There aint no party like a sexy foam party because a sexy foam party dont stop. Ok, they dont really say that, who is they anyway, but you would totally agree after seeing this crazy ass video of foamed out madness. North Carolina is the host school in this latest Dare Dorm entry, and the two roommates who taped it were very gung ho about winning the 10k prize. They were so determined to win that they smuggled a motherfucking foam machine into their dorm room, invited a bunch of babes over and recorded everything that went down. The result i...


College In: Michigan

Sometimes the hottest scenes are on a smaller scale this is one of those times. Out in Michigan, the college students stay warm by getting together in small groups and getting some friction going. Two bros from the dorms invite some locals over one fiery redhead and a bohemian blonde and get down to business right quick. And when I say business I mean it. This group gets low down and dirty like a motherfucker, licking, fucking and sucking in ways that you have only heard about. Im serious. If you are fiending for some hardcore amateur action is doesnt get much hot...


College In: California

With a large legacy behind them, This College doesnt need to win every game to prove their prowess...on and off the field. If anything, just playing the game gets their team and their fans amped up enough to take their energy out behind closed doors. The only difference this time is that the doors are open and we are invited to the fuckfest. The games afterparty takes a turn for the freaky when 4 horny babes take on 2 dudes, and the whole situation explodes into an all out orgy. Everybody gets a piece this time around, and the pieces to be had are very sweet indee...


College In: Nevada

Here at Dare Dorm we have seen plenty of college students pull out the stops, but no videos have been centered around a holiday. Well, that was the case until the ballsy boys and girls submitted their Halloween-themed tape of spooky sexy conquests. These Sin City residents throw a raging dorm afterparty while still dressed in their costumes from earlier that night. On the roster are Mummies, Chippendales, Angels, Devils...sexy Pirates and Nurses, oh my. All it took was a few smooth moves from the main dude Mummy to kickstart a costumed orgy of epic proportions. Yo...


College In: Pennsylvania

Pre gaming before partying is usually just a cheap way to prepare for a long night ahead, but these kids at Penn take it to the next level. At first the boys and girls at State hang out in the dorms, throwing back drinks and slowly getting looser as the time goes by. Meeting and greeting and whatnot. Then a Russian exchange student named Yan gets introduced to the American way of partying, and he shows the locals a thing or two on how things get done overseas. By this time all kinds of debauchery has broken loose.Im talking girls stripping down and sucking the liv...


College In: Louisiana

With football season in full effect, it was only a matter of time before some cash strapped college kids chimed in with a football themed vid...and here it is. Louisiana takes their football very seriously, and they are just as dedicated to hitting skins as they are to pigskins. This lucky dude, Scotty, gets together with two tan lined hotties and they all play spin the bottle for kicks before really diving into the playbook. These babes love to tease and dominate, and the guy plays the spectator until they let him join in the game. Its all worth it of course, as ...


College In: California

You gotta love the Internet...word gets out that were giving 10,000 dollars to college students who tape themselves fucking, and the submissions wont stop rolling in. This time around its a group of guys and gals from California, and hot damn are they legit in their partying. These kids get together and throw a full on glow party, busting out the glow sticks, house music and black lights...body painting even goes down. Nice. Things get out of hand as expected, and by the end of the night chicks are fucking any dude in sight. You dont even know. This is what its al...


College In: Texas

Texas, Texas, Texas...you never let me down. The minute I checked out this vid I knew I was in for a good time; it mightve had something to do with the octopus beer bong and the "house rules" demanding that everybodys shirts must be off, and titties bouncing all over the place. Did I mention that the whole room explodes into a massive fuck-frenzy once everybodys clothes come off? All bets are off the table: Texas wins by a landslide. The 10k is yours. Youve heard it before, and youll hear it again: everything is bigger in Texas!


College In: Florida

The latest submitted video to win 10k takes place during a birthday bash, Dare Dorm style. The birthday boy is turning 19 years old, and his friends throw him a dorm party, complete with party favors, hallway slip n slides and hot chicks willing to make his wishes come true. Once the party is in full swing, anything goes, and it looks like everybody is getting a piece of the cake, with birthday boy getting his roman candle blown! All in all, a fine way to spend a birthday, and a fine way to win 10k in the process. Happy birthday, dude!


College In: Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to some crazy-ass motherfuckers. What starts off as a typical night of drinking booze and playing flip cup turns into some scandalous shit! The rules of the game change when the losers start taking off their clothes..."strip flip cup", if you will. With the game underway, a cock-craving babe takes her man to another room to fuck the daylights out of him...but not without their friends taking notice...and taking the camera to film it all go down. Scandalous, I tell you! This is one spectator sport you do not want to miss.


College In: Florida

Florida student "Thom" (not his real name) was feeling bored one night, so he did what any college guy would do: he set up a catwalk in his room and had his ladyfriends model their new line of birthday suits. Tits are popping out and getting sucked, girls are tongue-fucking...good times. After strutting their stuff and baring their muff, the chicks line up to ride Thoms rod like a mechanical bull. This guy is the man--how many dudes do you know that could pull this much tail in one night? You wont find girls this willing and able on the runway, no sir.


College In: Georgia

Two luscious ladies from Georgia did us a huge favor by taping themselves while they strip down and show off their barely-legal bodies. Perky tits, thick juicy asses--pure perfection, for real. After their strip show the girls plan a prank on a guyfriend down the hall, sneaking into his room and stealing his clothes. They get caught in the act, and he teaches them a lesson...a lesson from the school of hard cocks. The ladies each get a dude to suck and fuck...and let me tell you, these horny hotties dealt with their punishment well!


College In: California

Vanessa must have really wanted to win that 10k prize, because she invited what looks every hot babe on campus to her dorm room for an all-out lesbian fuckfest! Im talking about some serious ass-shaking, pole dancing, nipple licking, pussy-shaving, debauchery. These girls dont give a fuck! Not only do these fine looking females eat enough collegiate cooze to last a lifetime, but they scream loud enough to piss off any RA within a 30 mile radius! This video is out of control hot, and definitely 10k worthy.


College In: California

So we got a video from these two dirty girls from Cali, one of which has the "best tits in California"...and let me tell you, her knockers are nice. Big, all-natural tits that she cant wait to show off. But Im getting ahead of myself. The babes invite their boytoy over to smoke them out, and once theyre loose and liberated they engage in some classic muff diving. Dude comes back in the picture and they both suck him off before rails the big-tittied chick and gives her a natural high she wont soon forget.


College In: Florida

Florida girls are known for being smoking hot and down for whatever, so when I got this vid from a guy who goes there I was psyched...and boy did it deliver! Not only are these top-shelf college babes, but they love to put on a show for the camera! A couple of beers and a game of spin the bottle leads to hot girl-on-girl action and the whole room fucking like champs...one dude even eats a slice of pizza while getting head! Damn...all I gotta say that Florida has some of the wildest sonsabitches alive!